The Aqra

Dakwah Cara Mudah

Nothing interesting. No one will know

Eclipse and Islam

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Today marks the day where a

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Fasting; its reason and fundamentals

Muslim will observe its annual ritual in the upcoming month. But, is the process of

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Part 2 (Cont): What does a Muslim Believe in?

Islam is a monotheistic religion believing in the Oneness of God. Muslim holds steadfast to

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Killing in the name of Islam; what went wrong?

The attack on churches in Sri Lanka recently shocked the world. It shocked Muslim most

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Part 2: What makes a person Muslim?

As mention in the previous article, Islam is more than a religion. It is a

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Part 2; is Islam a religion, ideology or just a belief?

Unlike any other ideology or belief, Islam is a way of life. It is more

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Part 1 Islam; the misunderstood religion

It is one of the major faith in the world. With around 2 billion followers,

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