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Dakwah Cara Mudah
If You Have Problems And You Can’t Bare The Burden Any Longer. Please Read This.

A man who was overwhelmed with sadness came to Saiyidina Ali r.a. And he said:

Man; “Oh amirul mukminin, i came here to tell you that i can no longer bare the burden of my grief.”

Saiyidina Ali r.a: “I will ask you two questions, and you shall answer.” 

Man: “Yes, please ask.” 

Saiyidina Ali r.a: “Did you come to this world with all the problems that you have?”

Man: “Of course not.”

Saiyidina Ali r.a: “Will you leave this world, and brings the problems that you have with you?” 

Man: “No.”

Saiyidina Ali r.a: “Then,  why do you have to be sad, knowing that you didn’t come to this world with your problems?

And you won’t leave this world with your problems right? This matter shouldn’t make you feel sad. You need to have patience with the worldly affairs.

Just let your gaze towards the skies be longer than your gaze towards the earth and you will get what you wish for. Smile, your rizq and your life have been sorted by Him, The creator (Allah).

Have Patience. The worldly affairs don’t deserve to make you feel sad because everything is in the hands of The Creator (Allah).”


  • Maulana Iqbal Zain Al-Jauhari, Darul Mujtaba
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