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Dakwah Cara Mudah
Fasting; its reason and fundamentals
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Muslim will observe its annual ritual in the upcoming month. But, is the process of fasting unique to Muslim only and if it is not, what makes a Muslim fast differently than others.

Contrary to popular belief, fasting is not unique to religious or spiritual reason. It is a time tested tradition and was believe that it could promote weight loss, improve concentration, extend life, prevent Alzheimers, prevent insulin resistance and even reverse the entire aging process. 

From a religious perspective, fasting is practise not only the Abrahamic faith (Islam, Christianity and Judaism) but also by almost every known world religion. Most of the religion relate fasting not only for the bodily wellbeing but also for the spiritual refreshment.

In Islam, fasting is define not only an act of abstinence from lawful food and drink and sexual relation from sunrise to sunset, it is also a way to explore one inner self and a way to show obedience. Spiritually through fasting the human being comes to grip with his carnal self, taming his physical appetites, subduing his greed and lust, and thus traversing a path which progressively elevates his consciousness from the physical to the moral and ultimately to the spiritual dimension of his being. So, for those who have not try fasting, why don’t take the opportunity this coming Ramadhan and join us to understand it better. It would also be good for your physical being too…

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