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Dakwah Cara Mudah
Killing in the name of Islam; what went wrong?

The attack on churches in Sri Lanka recently shocked the world. It shocked Muslim most as it was claimed that it is a retaliation for the Christchurch shootings. This created more misconception towards the word Jihad. When it is mention, the first thing that came to mind is the visuals of killing and bombing.

Jihad in Arabic means “to strive for some objective”. The common assumption that Jihad is combat is incorrect. There are 4 distinctive characterisation of jihad. It is Jihad by the heart; Jihad by the tongue; Jihad by the hand and Jihad by the sword. We will go briefly on each one of these.

Jihad by the tongue is to commend good conduct and forbid the wrong. Jihad by the hand is performing the righteous thing such as working or learning. Jihad of the heart is merely summarise as the act of stopping inner lust or carnal desire.

The most common act associated by the word Jihad is Jihad by the sword. It is actually referring to an act of self-defence rather than an aggressive offence. There are certain ruling that would eventually leads to this and taking up arms is only allowed after all avenues had failed.

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