The Aqra

Dakwah Cara Mudah

Unlike any other ideology or belief, Islam is a way of life. It is more than a religion. It provides specific guidelines for everyone to follow in their daily life.  Its guidance is comprehensive as it includes social, economic, political, moral and social aspects of life. It caters from the day a child is born all the way till he leaves this world.

For example, when a child is born, a ceremony is perform where the baby’s hair is cut and weigh. Equivalent amount in silver or money is given to the poor. The common practise now if one has the means is to slaughter goat or sheep and be distributed to the poor of family members. This is called aqiqah. It symbolise way to thank the blessing of God by having the baby and also to promote benevolent act of kindness at an early age.

Islam also promotes the relation between daily lives to Almighty God. The Islamic way of life covers not only the spiritual basis in which every single simple act is started with a prayer, but also it caters to management of state affairs, managing the poor and destitute, social relation, finance, dress code even on how to go to the toilet. Becoming a Muslim and embracing Islam is not confine purely on religious practise alone.

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